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Yerostigaz, located on the eastern outskirts of Angren city on the left bank of the river Angren in Uzbekistan, is the only commercial Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) operation in the world today.

Yerostigaz has specialised in the commercial use of coal at depths that have traditionally been considered non-commercially suitable or viable for open cut or underground mining. Yerostigaz has produced this gas to generate power at the 600mw power station at Angren.

At present the Company is producing an average one million cubic meters of syngas per day.

Yerostigaz, which employs over 200 people, has continually demonstrated that not only does its UCG technology work at a commercial level but it has been able to do so without any negative environmental impact. The land above the UCG generator is used for farming both during and after the gasification process.

The Company owns significant coal reserves at its site at Angren and owns considerable infrastructure to support the production of UCG, including:

  • underground gas generators with injection and production wells and service lines
  • water circulation system with pumping plant and settlers
  • air blower/compressor factory to feed compressed air of both high and medium pressure
  • machine shop, garage, main offices, management and service centres, and other auxiliary buildings
  • gas main 2 m in diameter and 5 km in length from the UCG field to the electric power station
  • pumping plant to feed fresh water to the station area
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What is Gasification?
Gasification is the conversion of coal to a gas (called synthesis gas or syngas) through a series of reactions involving heat, pressure, coal and water.
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